Timeshare software innovates resort management

Viewpoint presents new solutions to the problem of resort management

When it comes to resort management, the large number of tasks can be overwhelming for owners. Keeping facilities clean and safe, maintaining security, issuing receipts, and exporting files can be difficult. Managing all of these and delegating them across your pool of workers is another task altogether. However, the rise of technology makes it easier for resort owners to consolidate these jobs under one banner.

Timeshare software like Viewpoint combines these tasks under one powerful package. People can store files in the cloud while enjoying integration with RCI and optiREZ. The Owners Travel Club also offers special membership packages, making the timeshare management experience more interesting for business owners.

Never lose a file again with cloud-based storage

Old-fashioned business owners will likely put up an office to make accessing essential files easier. The same principle applies in our digital world. We want to have everything in one place, but it also pays to have them accessible from anywhere. After all, resorts are huge workplaces, and staff can cover more ground by moving around. It is a good thing then that Viewpoint emphasizes the importance of being cloud-based.

With a cloud-based model, files appear on the interface instantly. This setup is beneficial if managers cannot come into work for emergency or medical reasons or are tied up with other jobs. Somebody can do clerical work while not present in the office or front desk, and other employees can attend to guest’s concerns even if they are at home.

RCI exchange helps keep expenses low

Viewpoint offers access to a wide variety of tools and platforms for resort owners. RCI, an online-based platform, helps its clients deal with big chunks of data at shorter wait times. Instead of spending hours typing or writing them down, resort staff can log important transactions and exchanges instantly. These files will also appear in real-time in the system, making operations run faster and smoother. RCI also places data into a single location, saving time because you do not need to search through large sets of data for just one file.

Get a wider audience with optiREZ

Storage is not the only thing that Viewpoint can introduce to business workers. It also provides access to optiREZ, a one-stop timeshare management software that helps resorts reach more audiences. With over 200 distribution platforms at its disposal, clients can reach prospective customers more efficiently. Direct booking is also made possible through their improved system, making payments between the guest and the resort faster. All of these processes happen in a secure and regulated environment.

The power of the Owners Travel Club

People who look for the best resorts may find incentive in coming back through a limited program. Viewpoint knows that customers are the reason for a thriving business, which is why it tied up with Owners Travel Club to provide timeshare owners with offers like exclusive programs and perks. These include lower charges for optiREZ, payment processors, and air and travel packages. Having a membership at the Club may make things more palatable for customers.

If you are a resort owner having a difficult time getting by, Viewpoint is a handy tool that can make things more accessible and efficient. Save time, effort, and money by investing in a deal that combines the latest technologies with the commitment to serve.