Paper Statistics
Number of submissions received: 110
Number of papers accepted: 30 (27%)
18 Full and 12 Short papers. 

Session Parameters

Full papers: 25min
Short papers: 15min
6 sessions of 100-110min. 

Wednesday, October 1st

14:00-17:00A hands-on experience workshop on how to build your own Interactive multi-touch surface
15:30-18:00Hotel Check-in and Workshop Registration
18:00-21:00Welcoming Reception with posters and demos

Thursday, October 2nd

08:30-10:00Welcome and keynote talk
10:00-10:30Morning Coffee Break
10:30-12:15[Papers Session 1] Interaction Techniques and Systems for Interactive Surfaces
Session Chair: Alex Butler
[F] Group Coordination and Negotiation through Spatial Proximity Regions around Mobile Devices on Augmented Tabletops
Christian Kray, Michael Rohs, Jon Hook, Sven Kratz
[F] Improving Digital Handoff in Tabletop Shared Workspaces
Sriram Subramanian, Carl Gutwin, Liu Jun, David Pinelle
[F] Pen and Paper Techniques for Physical Customisation of Tabletop Interfaces
Florian Block, Michael Haller, Hans Gellersen, Carl Gutwin, Mark Billinghurst
[S] DocuDesk: An Interactive Surface for Creating and Rehydrating Many-to-Many Linkages among Paper and Digital Documents
Katherine Everitt, Meredith Ringel Morris, A.J. Bernheim Brush, Andrew Wilson
[S] Presenting using Two-Handed Interaction in Open Space
Luc Vlaming, Jasper Smit, Tobias Isenberg
13:30-15:10[Papers Session 2] Surfaces for Collaboration: Design and Evaluation
Session Chair: Elise van Hoven 
[F] When the fingers do the talking: A study of group participation for different kinds of shareable surfaces
Paul Marshall, Eva Hornecker, Richard Morris, Yvonne Rogers, Sheep Dalton
[F] TableTrays: Temporary, Reconfigurable Work Surfaces for Tabletop Groupware
David Pinelle, Tadeusz Stach, Carl Gutwin
[F] Tilted Tabletops: In Between Horizontal and Vertical Workspaces
Christian Müller-Tomfelde, Anja Wessels, Claudia Schremmer
[F] Contextual Design Considerations for Co-located, Collaborative Tables
James Wallace, Stacey Scott
15:40-17:30[Papers Session 3] Expression, Play and Learning
Session Chair: Eva Hornecker 
[F] IntuPaint: Bridging the Gap between Physical and Digital Painting
Peter Vandoren, Tom Van Laerhoven, Luc Claesen, Johannes Taelman, Chris Raymaekers, Frank Van Reeth
[F] From DigiQuilt to DigiTile: Adapting Educational Technology to a Multi-Touch Table
Jochen Rick, Yvonne Rogers
[S] Ghosts in the Interface: Meta-user Interface Visualizations as Guides for Multi-touch Interaction
Davy Vanacken, Alexandre Demeure, Kris Luyten, Karin Coninx
[S] A Single-User Tabletop Card Game System for Older Persons: General Lessons Learned From an In-Situ Study
Silvia Gabrielli, Sergio Bellutti, Anthony Jameson, Chiara Leonardi, Massimo Zancanaro
[S] TurTan, a tangible Logo programming language
Daniel Gallardo, Carles Fernandez, Sergi Jorda
[S] Little fingers on the tabletop: A usability evaluation in the Kindergarten
Evi Indriasari Mansor, Antonella De Angeli, Oscar De Bruijn
17:40-18:00Town hall meeting on future of Tabletop and Interactive Surfaces
18:30-22:00Evening banquet and networking dinner

Friday, October 3rd

08:30-10:10[Papers Session 4] Real World Applications and Experiences
Session Chair: Stacey Scott 
[F] System Design for the Extension of Personal Devices to a Table-Centered Multi-User, Multi-Surface Environment in the WeSpace
Hao Jiang, Daniel Wigdor, Clifton Forlines, Chia Shen
[F] A Field Study of Knowledge Workers’ Use of Interactive Horizontal Displays
Meredith Morris, A.J. Brush, Brian Meyers
[F] “I don’t understand it either, but it is cool” – Visitor Interactions with a Multi-Touch Table in a Museum
Eva Hornecker
[F] Tabletop AgilePlanner: A Tabletop-Based Project Planning Tool for Agile Software Development Teams
Xin Wang, Frank Maurer, Brady Lill
10:10-10:40Morning Coffee Break
10:40-12:25[Papers Session 5] Touching the Surface: Gesture and Touch for Surface Interactions
Session Chair: Sergi Jorda 
[F] ShapeTouch: Leveraging Contact Shape on Interactive Surfaces
Xiang Cao, Andrew Wilson, Ravin Balakrishnan, Ken Hinckley, Scott Hudson
[F] Implementation and Evaluations of Vision-based Finger Flicking Gesture Recognition for Tabletops
Toshiki Sato, Kentaro Fukuchi, Hideki Koike
[F] The Deformable Workspace: a Membrane between Real and Virtual Space
Yoshihiro Watanabe, Alvaro Cassinelli, Takashi Komuro, Masatoshi Ishikawa
[S] Adaptive interface for text input on large-scale interactive surfaces
Johannes Hirche, Peter Bomark, Mikael Bauer, Pawel Solydzajs
[S] Creating Malleable Interactive Surfaces using Liquid Displacement Sensing
Otmar Hilliges, David Kim, Shahram Izadi
13:40-15:30[Papers Session 6] Different Views: Display Techniques for Interactive Surfaces
Session Chair: Aaron Quigley 
[F] Visibility Control using Revolving Polarizer
Satoshi Sakurai, Yoshifumi Kitamura, Sriram Subramanian, Fumio Kishino
[F] On Top of Tabletop: a Virtual Touch Panel Display
Li-Wei Chan, Ting-Ting Hu, Jin-Yao Lin, Yi-Ping Hung, Jane Hsu
[S] i-m-Top: an interactive multi-resolution tabletop system accommodating to multi-resolution human vision
Ting-ting Hu, Yi-Wei Chia, Li-wei Chan, Yi-ping Hung, Jane Hsu
Experiences with Building a Thin Form-factor Direct Input Tabletop
[S] Experiences with Building a Thin Form-factor Touch and Tangible Tabletop
Shahram Izadi, Steve Hodges, Alex Butler, Darren West, Malcolm Hall, Bill Buxton, Mike Molloy 
[S] Pokey: Interaction through Covert Structured Light
Paul A. Beardsley, Yuri A. Ivanov, Biliana Kaneva, Shoji Tanaka, Christopher R. Wren
[S] UlteriorScape: Interactive Optical Superimposing on View-Dependent Tabletop Display
Yasuaki Kakehi, Takeshi Naemura
16:00-17:30Keynote talk and closing remarks

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