Call For Participation

Interactive surfaces is emerging as an exciting new research area. Display technologies coupled with input sensors capable of enabling direct interaction, are being experimented with and embedded in tabletops, walls and floors to support a diversity of collaborative activities. Research in this area covers the development and use of display technologies, such as camera and projector-based systems, new OLED flat panels, multi-touch and tangible interfaces and novel input techniques together with user studies both in the lab and the field.

The ‘Tabletops and Interactive Surfaces‘ workshop is cross-disciplinary, spanning computer science (HCI, CSCW, computer vision, augmented reality, information visualization, graphics, and machine learning), hardware engineering, optics, design, the social and cognitive sciences.

The intimate size of this single-track workshop provides an ideal venue for researchers, developers and practitioners to exchange research findings and implementation experiences. We invite submissions on the following, but not exclusive, topics:

* Applications
* Augmented Reality
* Computer Supported Collaboration Systems
* Gesture-Based Interfaces
* Information Visualization
* Interaction Techniques
* Lab and In-Situ User Studies
* Middleware and Network Support
* Multi-Modal Interfaces
* Sensing and Input Technologies
* Tangible Interfaces
* User Interface Technologies

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